Frequently Asked Questions

We got the goods.

Q: Why do we need MackeyRMS?

A: Studies show investment professionals spend up to 40% of their day looking for old research and information. Mackey Research Management Software makes your most important content retrievable from all of your connected devices in a matter of seconds, making your firm more efficient and giving your team an edge. We take steps out of your process instead of adding them!

Q: We had a bad experience with another RMS in the past – What makes MackeyRMS different?

A: Our technology is light years ahead of the competition, and we deliver superior results while asking far less of our users. Every single one of our competitors takes a thick client approach (i.e. you need to fit perfectly into their box to benefit from the RMS). Mackey Research Management Software facilitates smarter research management through automation and our auto-tagging engine, whereas clunkier providers hinder your process. Schedule a demo to see how we do it.

Q: My team has a unique process. Why shouldn't we build something in-house?

A: We understand no two funds are the same. That's why we're fully customizable. Our automation allows us to integrate with your current processes, and our technology allows us to roll out better customization more quickly than the competition. Mackey Research Management Software works for you and your unique process. Building a research management system can be an expensive, messy, and lengthy process. We can have you up and running in no time, without the headache.

Q: How old is your firm?

A: After recognizing a glaring need for more automated, mobile, and user-friendly research management tools, our company was founded by veterans of the hedge fund and cloud-based software industries in February 2011.

Q: What if we don't want to change our process?

A: The beauty of our system is that it won't require you to change. Mackey Research Management Software can piggyback on top of your existing behavior, building a fully searchable research database without you changing a thing about your current process.

Q: What about my old data?

A: We understand that your research is your most valuable intellectual property, which is why we offer data migration services to all clients at no charge. Our world-class technical team is comprised of veterans of the enterprise software and security industries, and has a tremendous amount of experience migrating data from the legacy RMS providers, proprietary systems, Microsoft Outlook™, shared drives, consumer applications, etc. Time and time again, Mackey’s team of experts has demonstrated an unrivaled ability to migrate clients’ historical data quickly and securely. Our migration process goes beyond preserving your existing research. We make your research more accessible and actionable than ever!

Q: What is your technology platform?

A: MackeyRMS utilizes best-in-class technologies to provide the best solution from all perspectives. We have developed a high performance web client utilizing Google's renowned AngularJS framework coupled with a Ruby on Rails application, custom Haskell based asynchronous engines, and a Sphinx Search engine, all sitting behind a high performance MySQL RDBMS.

Q: Can you integrate with my existing applications?

A: Yes. MackeyRMS has intuitive add-ins for Microsoft Office, Adobe and Google Chrome, as well as cross functionality with various market data providers. Our API is available to your technical team, allowing you to pull data from Mackey Research Management Software to other applications. We also work with the Evernote API. Furthermore, our developers are available to accommodate additional integration requests for the applications and data providers you care about.

Q: What if members of my team don't want to use the product?

A: Whether or not users actively log into the system, our proprietary email automation engine, calendar-sync capability, and other data gathering functionality will gather and organize their most important research on the fly, while our real time email and mobile alerts will keep outsiders “in the loop.” Unlike with other players in the RMS space, the institutional benefit of MackeyRMS is not dependent upon employee buy-in.

Q: How secure is my data?

A: We have completed security audits with some of the largest and most well-respected financial services companies in the world, passing with flying colors. These audits have included a review of the overall MackeyRMS application architecture, datacenters, security controls, security policies and procedures, adherence to the controls outlined in various information security models, as well as testing that has included vulnerability scans and in-depth security scans of the application's source code. When it comes to security, we're more than happy to have a more in-depth conversation with your technical team.

Q: We would be more comfortable hosting the application locally. Can we?

A: Absolutely. Should you wish to host on-site, you can do so using your own server, or one that we provide. We can also work with private cloud providers as well.

Q: How much does the product cost? Can I pay via soft-dollar broker?

A: Mackey Research Management Software is a soft-dollar eligible research application with a low cost of ownership. Because we are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, we simply don't incur many of the hardware and maintenance costs associated with other 3rd party providers, or with building in-house. We have zero hidden fees, as data migration, customization and on-boarding/training are all included with an annual license.

Q: What is your company's ownership structure?

A: We are proud to be 100% employee-owned. We are a limited liability company with offices in New York, Boston, and London.