Designed for investment professionals, BrokerBallot quietly and efficiently works with your existing applications, piggybacking your current processes with minimal behavior change necessary.


Cloud-based, secure, device-agnostic, and designed from the ground up for an optimized mobile experience, BrokerBallot works where you do, how you do.


Completely customizable and able to evolve with your organization, BrokerBallot synthesizes complete, sortable broker feedback at your fingertips for real-time monitoring and reporting.

"Funds have been trying to streamline their broker vote for years. BrokerBallot is the answer. It’s mobile, smart, and intuitive. It creates minimal new work, and saves our team hours upon hours of headaches."

- COO, $10 Billion Hedge Fund

Simplify your broker vote.

BrokerBallot gives your firm a modern edge by seamlessly synthesizing real-time broker feedback for complete consumption and reporting.

  • Firm-wide broker feedback on a single web-based platform
  • Threads sortable by broker, timeline, event type and more
  • Mature broker feedback and scoring database
  • Automated and accessible storylines including mobile, real-time broker feedback